Blue Obsidian Tea Light Holder


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This light transparent blue variant of Obsidian is amazingly cool and pure energy of peace and calmness. It brings a deep sense of belongingness and helps you to just be you, devoid of anything and everything you would have accumulated in this lifetime. Blue Obsidian Tea Light Holder is something which is very rare and rarely you find a crystal which can help you to anchor yourself at this level. Blue Obsidian is amazing to work on oneself and to realize that everything emanates from self and ends in self. Natural Obsidian Tea Light Holder also helps to overcome karmic blockages and look beyond the limitless possibilites life has to offer. This crystal can be used for :

  • Healing patterns and blockages at DNA level
  • Healing ancestor level issues and karmic blockage
  • Dealing with aggressive behavior tendencies and patterns
  • Grounding and stabilizing imbalances at emotional, mental and physical level
  • Healing issues pertaining to blood and joints
  • Healing skin and hormonal imbalances
  • Overcoming guilt and insecurities
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