Green Obsidian Tea Light Holder


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Another very rare formation, getting a green Obsidian is purely matter of luck and this is something that one may not even get again in lifetime. A deep intense green with high degree of transparancy, such obisidians are exceptionally rare to be sourced. Green Obsidian is an amazing energy to connect to and equally intense to change your perceptions about everything you’re believed to be true. This Green Obsidian Tea Light Holder is a transformation category crystal and it not only opens up your heart chakra but also helps to transform and break the barriers which are holding you back to leverage your true potential. This Green Natural obsidian tea light holder crystal can be used for :

  •  Healing anything and everything pertaining to past of this life and past life
  • Overcoming emotional blockages and trauma
  • Healing your relationship with yourself at the core level
  • Enhancing your ability to follow your spiritual journey
  • Enables to connect to your spiritual guides and deities for guidance
  • Healing lungs and heart related issues
  • Intense protection crystal for warding off psychic attacks
  • Enhancing you ability to manifest
  • Keeping you balanced and stable emotionally
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