Indigo Blue Obsidian Tea Light Holder


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Very rare and not easily sourced, Indigo Blue Obsidian is one of the nature’s amazing creation. A pure volcanic formation it is very difficult to get high level of transparency in this crystal. Nothing can be compared to its unique vibration which stimulates the thrid eye and crown and helps to open up your awareness to compeletly new dimensions. This Indigo Blue Obsidian Tea Light Holder is a strong and intense crystal to work with and may trigger visions and images from different level of existance. This Indigo Blue Obsidian Tea Light Holder has a soothing impact on your energy and helps it to be tuned and aligned to the higher consciousness. You can use this crystal for :

  • Enhancing your psychic abilities
  • Strengthening your aura and astral body
  • Channeling messages from different dimesions
  • Balancing your thought process and overcoming confusions
  • Overcoming behavioural tendancies which are creating blockages
  • Breaking patterns and binding belief systems
  • Healing your eyes related issues
  • Enhancing your memory and concentration
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