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Soulmates, Twin Flames, Karmic relationships, Soul Twins- discover the nature of which relationship is weighing you down at the moment. Your heart yearns for true love- yet it is denied to you at this moment- for a reason. Find out that reason and gain peace of mind. All questions related to love and relationships are covered in this reading. What is your soul purpose in this relationship? How can you make this work? Will it end/will it stay? Will the person realize your astral importance in their life? What guidance do the guides have for you? Ease your heart and soul with this reading and invite peace, love and happiness back into your life.

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1. How many questions can I ask?

You can ask up to 7 questions related to your relationship.

2. How many relationships does this reading cover?

This covers one relationship.

3. Will this cover the astrological aspect or is it only an intuitive reading?

Dr Manmit is a psychic and does readings through intuition. However, she is also a trained astrologer and can provide remedies and understanding through your chart. In case you wish to avail of this aspect, mention your correct birth details (time, place and date of birth).

4. Is this reading done on phone or in person?

This will be done via zoom.

5. What if I have a follow up question?

One follow-up question regarding the reading is possible within 3 days or 72 hours of taking the reading. You can email this question to her on and receive an answer (via email) within 7 working days.

6. Are there remedies provided in this reading?

This reading gives remedies. 

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