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This special kit has Bach Flower extracts that are designed to help you remain positive and  happy. It strengthens your immunity and helps you to be stronger internally. Use it in cases where there has been physical illness and the body needs strength. It increases the mental agility and keeps your emotions balanced and positive.

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How it works

Five 30 ml concentrated bottles of each remedy mentioned below.


  1. Energy Booster Remedy

An excellent remedy for people who are stressed, feeling low on energy, feeling low in life, feeling low in the mind, people who are recovering from an illness, people who have been through grief and death and feel that they have no energy, people who have just given birth and are overwhelmed and anyone who feels a lack of energy in their mind or body.

  1. Rescue Remedy

Rescue remedy is an instant SOS that should always be in your handbag. This is for any kind of sudden trauma, accident, panic attack, sudden fear, suddenly feeling low or any other shock that you may experience.

  1. Immunity Shield Remedy

At a time when we all are trying our best to be in good health, this remedy increases our natural immunity and helps us to ward off unnecessary infections. Along with adults, these should be given to children and older people to create a shield of immunity around them. These are safe and add an extra protective layer of immunity around your family.

  1. Focus and Concentration Remedy

At times where there is so much distraction and almost everything is online, the focus tends to slip. Especially the monotonous work for executives, doctors and most students make concentration difficult. Use this remedy to sharpen focus and increase the attention span.

  1. Calming Yourself Remedy

Fear keeps us captive, scared and anxious. Fear of known things as well as unknown things- fear of the future, fear of health issues, fear for our loved ones, fear of loss, fear of uncertainty- use this remedy and feel calm and peaceful.


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