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The best of all our sprays is clubbed in this hamper. Helping heal negative vibrations, protecting your precious aura and strengthening it, increasing your money quotient and having a restful sleep- what more can one ask for? This is an ideal hamper for gifting to yourself as well as to family and friends.

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How it works

Dealing With Negativity
Use this spray to repel any negativity caused by emotions like anger, jealousy, hatred, fears and fights. This could also work wonders if lower vibrating energies such as black magic, entities or any passing negative energies are affecting your home. This spray cleanses the aura of your home and helps you to maintain a vibrant, joyful, positive, secure and safe vibration around your loved ones.

Showering With Abundance Spray
We all love abundance in different forms be it health, wealth or happiness.  Use this spray around your wallet, safe, money, the cupboard where you keep your jewelry and cash to increase the flow of more money into your life. The use of the spray automatically cleanses the stale aura around your credit cards, cash, jewelry and other valuables. Please. Take care not to spray it directly on your jewelry rather around it for best results. You can expect to attract vibrations of money through Mahalakshmi this Diwali.

Restful Sleep Spray

Sleep is perhaps the most important yet undermined ingredient of living a balanced and happy life. A night of disturbed sleep can be a precursor to illness. Use this spray to calm yourself before you sleep. Spray this around your head and face area and a little bit on the pillows for a restful and calming sleep. The spray enhances the positive and calm vibes as you sleep while it dispels all the negativity, worry, gloom, fears that you may be carrying from the day. An additional tip is to wash your hands, feet and face before spraying this around your face and pillow.

Protecting Your Aura Spray
Our Aura is the most powerful shield that God has given us. An Aura can be torn or have leaks due to various attacks on us or due to our internal worries and fears which over a period of time have become so big that the body cannot contain it and it starts to leak out from our aura. This spray will help you to seal your Aura. Apply it like a perfume not only on the upper body but around your whole body. Use it as a spray by keeping a six-inch distance from your body. With a protected and sealed Aura, you have nothing to fear from anyone in terms of any negative attacks of jealousy or malice. This should be sprayed around children who fall prey to others’ envy (Nazar Lagna).

What is there in this kit?
One 100 ml bottle of each spray mentioned above

Weight 1.5 kg


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