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Pyrite is quite a popular crystal formation which has gained popularity over the years due to its ability to enhance financial freedom and stability. Primarily resonating with the root and solar plexus, this crystal helps in bringing desired stability as well as much needed determination and focus to achieve your goals and manifest dreams. Most of the pyrite available in market is either in raw or some form of polished form such are rings, pendants etc. With the sole objective of inculcating crystals in daily life, we introduce small utility tray made from high quality of Golden pyrite.

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How to use

1. Take few coins of different denominations, program those coins for regularity of funds flow and then place them on this tray, preferably in south west direction.

2. You can program few crystals such as clear quartz, black tourmaline & red sulemani. Write your wish on piece of paper and keep them together on this tray for 21 days.

3. To enhance healing, you can take a photograph of person to whom you want to heal and place it on this tray. Once placed, keep a small piece of selenite on the photograph. This can be done for self as well.

4. For attracting abundance, Take a small piece of Golden pyrite chunk, program it and then place it on this tray – preferably in south west direction, or in your cashbox or locker.

5. To remove fear and insecurity, fill a glass of water, program it for the purpose and place it overnight on this tray. This water can be consumed next day and step repeated everyday for 21 days.

6. Besides the above this can be a beautiful addition to your home décor or could be used as gift for your near and dear ones.

Weight 350 kg


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